Passionate and experienced educators

At Victory, our teachers are passionate about God and dedicated to educating leaders of the future. Whilst holding the necessary teaching qualifications, the greater emphasis is on having a heart for educating young people, and wholeheartedly believing in the vision of Victory – which is to share the love of Christ and pursue academic excellence in a dynamic community which promotes success.

Strong partnerships

Victory Academy is proud to partner with organizations that are acknowledged for their excellence and committed to the young generation. These partnerships are a key strength of Victory, enabling us to provide a holistic learning experience, quality academic syllabus and strong educational pathways for all our students.

A faith based education

Victory focuses on developing Christian values as an integral part of school culture. Values such as self-discipline, faith in God, compassion, respect, tolerance, friendliness, generosity, determination and acceptance are nurtured in every student. Here are a few ways this has been purposefully incorporated into our programme:

  • Compulsory Bible Study classes
  • Daily devotions
  • Weekly chapel sessions

Focus on the individual and parental involvement

At Victory, the curriculum is designed to meet the needs and interests of individual students. Parental involvement is also a key focus of the school, as we believe that this is crucial to student development and the success of the school. Here are some ways Victory purposefully designs our curriculum and academic year to focus on the individual and encourage parental involvement:

  • Small class sizes
  • Reading programme which requires parental involvement
  • Communication booklet
  • Frequent progress reports
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Open door policy

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