2024 Fee Promotion
(Limited Time)

*This time-limited discount applies only for the first full year of enrollment and is not cumulative with any other discounts or promotions.

*Please contact us for more information about the terms and conditions of the discounts and payment terms.


School Fees and Payment Policies

Admission Fee:
RM 200 (waiver subject to promotion)

A non-refundable fee, this is payable upon submission of an application.

Assessment Fee:
RM 200

Fee payable before Entry Assessment

Security Deposit:
RM 2,000

Upon being offered the place, the parent/guardian of the child shall pay the required fees, including a deposit at the rate set out in the Fee Schedule applicable to the place that is being offered within seven (7) days from the date of such acceptance in order to confirm reservation of the place in Victory. This deposit is refundable subject to the fulfilment of terms and conditions as provided herein below. It shall not be refundable should the student does not join the school when the term begins.

The following criteria shall apply for payment and refund of all fees, charges and deposit:

      1. All fees and charges must be paid in accordance with the Fee Schedule applicable at the material time and within the dates specified by Victory, regardless of whether the child is physically present at Victory.
      2. All fees and charges are to be paid by cash, online transfer or cheque made payable to “DREAM VILLAGE LEARNING CENTRE SDN BHD”
      3. No refund of fees can be made for prolonged absence due to illness or any other cause.
      4. For tuition fees paid, no refund of such tuition fees shall be made available for early withdrawal of the child from Victory.
      5. All monies refundable under the Admission Contract herein shall be refunded free of interest and must be claimed by the parent/ guardian of the child within three (3) months from the date the child ceases to be a student of Victory, failing which the parent/guardian shall have no further claim in respect of such monies against Victory.
      6. Victory Academy reserves the right to charge RM15 per day (including weekends and holidays) as late charges for all amount due, from the due time and date. This late charge will continue to be imposed until full payment is made.
      7. The child shall not be allowed to attend classes unless and until all fees due and payable are fully settled.
      8. All deposits paid shall under no circumstances be treated as payment of tuition fees or any other charges or fees and shall not be used to offset any sums due and payable by the parent/guardian. Victory reserves the right to revise all fees, charges and deposits payable from time to time.

More details of the payment policies will be listed in the School Handbook and Communication Booklet.

Enrolment Process

Thank you for your interest in Victory Academy. We hope that you’ll find in Victory Academy a school, curriculum and environment that will excite your child to learn and help them grow to their fullest potential. If you are interested to apply for your child, please click at the link below to fill up an application, or contact us for more info. 

There are 5 steps involved in the enrolment process

Submit a completed and signed application form with the necessary supported documents are per below. You can download the application form from the link below. 

Upon receiving your application, we will be in contact with you shortly to make appointment for an entry assessment with your child.

Please note, submission of an application does not guarantee a place. As year groups can fill up very quickly, we advise submitting applications as early as possible. Where possible, the School will try and provide a realistic assessment of the chances and possible timing for admission. However, like most international and private schools, the enrolment situation is dynamic and often unpredictable.

The student will be invited to a scheduled entry assessment at our school. The nature of assessments will vary according to the student’s age and prior schooling experiences. Our assessments are designed to ensure that placement will suit your child’s educational needs.

Both the parent and the student will be invited for a review of the assessment and interview with our School’s education board. The School reserves the right to assign priorities for admission or refuse admission for any reason we deem fit. Where places are insufficient, applicants remain on the queue. 

If the assessment and interview are successful, and a place is available,  the school will officially offer your child a place in the school via a Letter of Offer. The type of placement for your child is under the absolute discretion of the school, after taking into consideration various circumstances including their academic and behavioral progress. 

You will need to accept the offer by completing the necessary forms included and payment of all required fees and deposits as set out in the Fee Schedule within seven (7) days to confirm reservation of the place in Victory. 

Upon receiving payment or letter of financial guarantee, which confirms as an acceptance of offer, our team will get in touch with you about your child’s first day at the School.