Tertiary Institution Partner of Victory Academy

HELP University was founded in 1986 to provide affordable quality educational opportunities for Malaysians. It has since developed into a leading institution of higher learning in Malaysia with an international reputation among universities, research organisations, scholars, business, corporate leaders, and governments. HELP University offers a wide and diverse range of programmes covering business, law, management, economics, IT, the social sciences, and the humanities at undergraduate and graduate levels.

The HELP Group has won numerous awards. It was recognised by Forbes Asia in 2011 as one of the top 200 Top Performing companies in Asia Pacific with capitalization below USD 1 billion.

On 11 June 2016, HELP University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Victory Academy – a step that further strengthens the education pathways open to Victory students following the completion of their secondary education. 

Raising children is a journey that is ordained by God, as it is written in Deuteronomy 11:19. As parents we need to understand that each child is fearfully and wonderfully made, and as a result, is unique with his or her own destiny. We need to realise that we cannot raise all children in the same way.

This goes for education too. Education should not be a factory style mass production that this age sometimes practises for convenience and cost effectiveness.

I believe that Victory has so much to offer their students, because they believe that every individual child should be nurtured to reach their fullest potential. Therefore, HELP University is looking forward to partnering with Victory in so many ways, including sharing knowledge, resources and networks, providing connecting pathways, developing joint training programmes, extending scholarships and bursaries – and so much more!

Mr Henry Lim
Executive VP (Operations)
of HELP University


Acts Church

Acts Church is a vibrant and growing church with a vision of changing the world through changed lives. It started in 1994, when God gave Pr. Kenneth Chin a vision to bring revival and transformation to and through the youths in Malaysia and then to the rest of the world. Armed only with simple obedience, the grace of God and the support of his wife, Sandra, Pr. Kenneth founded the Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA), a non-profit youth organisation, in October 1995. The couple embarked on a faith-filled journey that witness God’s faithfulness and power in transforming the lives of hundreds of youth to be filled with purpose, passion and love for God till this day.

Today, Acts has grown from a congregation of 3 to nearly 3,000 – across 26 churches in 8 nations – with local service plants in Cyberjaya, Nilai, Ampang, Petaling Jaya, Klang, Semenyih, Cheras and Iskandar (Johor), as well as international expansions to Singapore, Indonesia (Bekasi and Karawaci), Botswana, UK (London, Bristol and Edinburgh), Australia (Melbourne), Thailand (Chiang Mai) and Myanmar (Yangon).

Victory Academy is an extension of the vision of the church to touch lives, especially the young people. The power of education and the privilege of guiding and mentoring our young people helps the church realize it’s vision of changing lives through the renewing of the mind.

Victory Academy operates under the covering of Acts Church.


Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA) is a non-profit youth and community development organisation founded in Malaysia for the primary purpose of “inviting, inspiring, instructing and involving young people to dare to dream and be responsible in fulfilling those dreams for the good of all”.

AYA’s main priority is a commitment to raising leaders of admirable standards and excellence, believing that sound and solid leaders determine the overall health (spirit, mind and body) of a whole generation as it does a whole nation.

Started since year 1995 by Kenneth and Sandra Chin, AYA has been touching over 6,000 youths each year through concerts, conferences, community service initiatives and mass media.

AYA is and has been creatively involved in a variety of things and ways that support its purpose. These include among others:-

  • Promoting compassion and unity events and other nation building projects
  • Organising motivational talks, concerts and conferences
  • Producing youth development resource through research